Top 10 Tyre Checks


Your tyres are the only thing holding your car to the road when you drive. That’s why it’s important to know them, check them regularly, and ensure they’re replaced at the right time. Follow these ten tips, and you’ll enjoy better road handling and increase the life of your latest tyre purchase.

  1. Check tyre pressures every 2 – 3 weeks when your tyres are cold
  2. Find recommended tyre pressures on the inside edge of your driver door
  3. For Safety you should replace your tyres when you only have 2mm wear left
  4. Use a match head to check tyre tread. If part of the head shows, it’s replacement time. Or use one of Bob Jane T-Mart’s Tyre Tread Depth Gauges

For the rest of the tips check out the Top Ten Tyre Tips brochure from Bob Jane T-Marts.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Tyre Checks

    1. Hi Peter,

      In Australia the minimum legal tread is 1.6mm, however we recommend getting your tyres replaced when there is 2mm of tread left at a absolute minimum. Anything less than 2mm will severely impact your car’s handling and your safety. If you’re not sure how to check, use a match stick, simply place the red head of the match stick in the directional tread/groove of the tyre, if you can see any red, then your tread is too low and it’s time to invest in a fresh set of rubber. Thanks and Tread Safely!

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